Welcome! Hopefully you are here to get better at pool! I’m Ray Ross, and can help you! You may sign up for private instruction (Dallas, Texas area only) or register to “Get Schooled!” at home and begin learning immediately!

Check our Videos section – New videos are being added frequently!

I am a pool player and an enjoy giving online and private in-person instruction. I provide students the equipment needed: Pool Stick, Chalk, Training Aids, etc. I offer students all ranges of instruction, from beginner to advanced.

I have been instructing for 2 years, and played tournaments all over the U.S.

I guarantee my private instruction will increase your game performance dramatically, even for experienced players or your money back. After each session, your input is requested to make sure you are satisfied with the daily results.

I have helped many students improve their performance and satisfaction with their game in much less time than they anticipated. My training is unique and begins with the fundamental tactics used by the professionals.

Awards and achievements
I have won several tournaments where the competition was all more skilled than I was at the time. I will show you how to have the advantage.

Private Instruction
Private Instruction Students: Refer someone who completes a Private Instruction session and get one free month of access to the “Get Schooled!” section of the website!

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